Ingenious Porcelain‧Still Utensil – Anta Pottery

Ingenious: An ingenious design in details

Porcelain: Aristocratic porcelains of the day

Still: A quality that makes people feel calm and unperturbed

Utensil: A tolerant mind, a great utensil


Having “An (安)” as the main symbol of this brand, the logo of Anta Pottery contains not only a connotation of “kiln”, “utensil” and “fire” as the elements of manufacturing pottery, but also an impression of totem, to express its wish to pass on the experience of history and to actively connect with the future. Firing pottery and porcelain in a kiln is an arts and crafts technique formed on a thousand-year culture; whereas the four words, “Ingenious Porcelain‧Still Utensil”, they represent the spirit of Anta Pottery and we wish that our customers will be able to create a resonance with all of our works.