2018 "Yii" brand certificate by National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute.

2015 Diversify the development of products with handmade animal ornaments.

2013 Pass “Taiwan-made MIT Smile Product Certificate”, certificate number: 02210071

2011 SGS Certificate - Safe dinerware

2010 New stores opening in Taipei and China

2009 “Golden Pin Design Award” and the C-MARK: Taiwan Good Crafts

2008 Diversify the development of products with new forms, a series of cultural and creative products.

2007 Became one of partners of National Palace Museum providing refined souvenirs.

2003 The series of products- The Wonders of Formosa has been chosen as diplomatic gifts by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2002 Diversify the development of products with hand-painting art.

1999 Expand equipment to manufacture tableware for restaurant usage.

1995 We opened our own shop for the first time.

1994 Our celadon cup has been chosen as gifts for special guests and visitors by Regent Taipei.

1993 Attended the Ceramics Festival for the first time and ran business of our own brand.

1992 The first celadon cup was launched.

1983~1990 Transformed to produce living ceramics and started business of customized products.

1981 Factory was located at No. 185 Yongchang St. Yingge Dist. New Taipei City and started business of ceramic Buddhist statue.

1976 Founded in 1976


1976 「安達窯」創立


1981 設立廠房,落腳於鶯歌鎮永昌街185號。